Arousal Submission Relaxation Hypno MP3

I’ve received a few more requests for something that would drug the mind, a way to relax and feel controlled by submitting to my voice. Your Femdom therapy needs are taken control of. It’s just what the Doctor ordered.
My voice is a drug. You can feel the hypnotic vibrations intoxicating your brain arousing all of your senses.
This new erotic MP3 session is for arousal to submission. My voice is a drug that you will inhale and allow to take over your mind and body. You will breath out all your tension and resistance and relax, submit and surrender. My voice is a drug that will arouse you and empty your mind leaving you vulnerable. The more you listen to my voice the drug gets stronger. Relax, submit and surrender.

Arousal Submission Relaxation Hypno MP3 – 11:29 minutes

Arousal Submission

Do You Have A Dirty Secret?

I’m often asked if I can be trusted with a secret. I think we both know of course everything is safe with me. I am a Doctor after all. I know how important it is to get that big secret off your chest. I understand that you’re humiliated about your phone sex addictions. I won’t tell anyone that you’ve spent your kids college funds on virtual Dommes and assorted webcam Mistress’s.
Your dirty secrets coming out are the gateway to happiness, even if it means the harsh humiliating truth. Even if it means your cock getting rock hard listening to the truth of your sad pitiful truth.
This is the place for you. The Special Femdom therapy that will make your life better. Come reach out and don’t worry I won’t let you touch.

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Does Penis Size Really Matter?

I get asked all the time “Dr Lovejoy, does size really matter?” The answer is almost always going to be yes, yes in fact size does matter. It does matter if your cock is small and it does matter if your cock is large. A less than average cock is of no use to any Woman. What is your size? Do you want to talk about it. Are you under 5 inches and thin and have a serious complex. Do you feel like you are just a sissy boy because your small? Maybe you have a thick 8 inch cock but you fail to be able to keep it hard for a Woman. In that case size does’t matter does it. Regardless of having a well hung cock and not being able to use it is another thing that might make you feel like an inadequate sissy. If you’re feeling unsure of what your cock size means, call me and we will go over it and I will be totally honest. I can’t promise not to mock your cock but I can tell you that I always have the right thing to say.

Dr. Lovejoy
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Full Body Orgasm Trigger MP3

Spring is here and things are starting to bloom. Your new sad sex life begins right here with my humiliation therapy. This a time to feel good inside, a time to feel the control I can have over your body. You may be denied sex or your sex is so fast you never really get to experience a full intense orgasm. Now even a submissive like you with low self esteem can get the chance to feel what its like to have a full body intense orgasm. Feel my seductive voice lead you and guide you and fall deep under my hypnotic erotic voice.
In this 10 minute MP3 session you will learn the trigger for a long full body orgasm. Imagine how good an orgasm feels, imagine the feeling of your orgasm going on for 5 whole minutes. The feeling of it building, the quiver in your thighs. Imagine how powerful and intense that feeling would be to last that long. An entire 5 minutes with your body on edge. You will learn to feel this with a single trigger phrase that will set the feelings off. Imagine hearing a trigger phrase that takes you deep to the place of having these intense orgasmic feelings.

Orgasm Trigger MP3