Dr. Lovejoy Sissy Training Teaches You To Become A Proper Woman

Learning To Become A Proper Woman MP3

In this 16 minute session I’m going to help you become more of a Woman by teaching you how to behave like a proper Woman. You’re going to relax and become very focused on my voice, you’re going to focus on everything I have to say. You’re going to allow yourself to become the Woman that you are. You’re not going to be a filthy talking trashy bimbo at all. You’re going to become a beautiful, confident Woman. The Woman that you are inside, the Woman you’ve always wanted to become. Woman are so much different from Men in the way we carry ourselves and you’re going to change your way of thinking and channel it all into being a Woman. Woman naturally take up less space, you’re going to learn how to become demure, to smile and never have a sour puss look on your face. You want to be appealing to Men and friendly to Woman. You will learn to always be properly groomed like a Woman. Appearance is everything and you’re never going to leave the house without looking like a proper Woman. Your hair will always look perfect, your hands will always be soft and your nails will never have a chip in them. You will walk with grace and your body will become fit from exercise. You will learn how to present yourself like a proper Woman.

You're A Woman Hypnosis

Dr. Lovejoy’s Cum Craving Whisper ASMR MP3 Therapy

Dr. Lovejoy’s Cum Craving Whisper ASMR MP3

You’re going to put on your headphones and relax with my whisper fetish ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) MP3. All you need is 8 minutes to deepen your cum craving fetish. My erotic whispers will have you deeply craving hot delicious cum. I know theres something on your mind, I know you’ve got the insatiable taste for cum in your mouth. You’re already craving that hot sticky load in your mouth. You want to taste it, I know you do. Just hearing me whisper that into your eat makes you so hungry for it. You can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to have the biggest load right between your lips. You want to feel that hot cum on your tongue, you want that hot salty cum slowly sliding down your throat into your belly. You’re a cum craver, you’re always going to be a cum craver and the more you listen to this MP3 the deeper my whispers are going to penetrate your cum craving mind.


Cum Craving ASMR

Dr. Lovejoy’s Weekend Humiliation Euphoria Whisper JOI ASMR MP3

Your whisper fetish is about to get satiated. It’s time for a weekend humiliation ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) MP3. Put on your headphones and get lost in my whisper. You’re going to stroke your cock to my euphoric whispers as I guide you along humiliating you the entire way. You will become lost in the erotic sounds emanating from my lips leaving your mind tingling and your body quivering. You will feel my voice take total control of your pathetic excuse for a cock. You will feel new sensations bringing you to a new level of degraded erotic awareness. You will be controlled and hypnotized by my whisper triggering he most amazing sensations as I direct you to stroke and cum for me. Feel my humiliating euphoria take over you through my whisper.

ASMR Humiliation MP3

Dr. Lovejoy’s ASMR Whisper Session Dick On The Mind MP3

ASMR Whisper Session Dick On The Mind

In this 15 minute whisper ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response MP3 I’m going to make you constantly have dick on the mind. Just by listening to my whispers you’re going to find your mind become reprogrammed to have a deep lust and craving for dick. Every single time a man walks past you you’re going to be looking at his crotch because you love dick and you can’t get the thought of dick off your mind. Dick sounds so good, you can feel the way my whispers are going so deep into your mind. Just hearing me whisper the words, dick, craving, so much dick, you just can’t stop thinning about dick. No matter what the time of day is you have dick on your mind. Dick in your mouth, dick in your ass, dicks all over you, big juicy dicks in your hand. Let go and listen to my whispers and stroke to all that dick you have on your mind. I must warn you, you will begin to have a deep dick craving upon listening to this session.

Dick On The Mind ASMR Hypnosis

Dr. Lovejoy’s Blow Job Sensation Hypnosis Trigger Therapy

Dr. Lovejoy’s Blow Job Sensation Trigger

In this 10 minute session I’m going to give you a special phrase and when you hear this phrase you’re immediately going to feel lips wrapped around your cock. It doesn’t matter who’s lips they are, they will belong to the person that you’re the most turned on by. It might me a Woman or perhaps its a Man but, you will feel lips wrapped on your cock. There will be only one way to stop this sensation and thats by having an orgasm, hearing someone say a trigger phrase, or you may even trigger yourself to to stop it with your very own trigger. This sensation can last a few moments or it can last all day but it won’t stop until you’ve gone over the edge and had an orgasm. You’re going to feel the most incredible sensation of a blow job in your life. Whatever your best experience was with a blow-job this will be just as intense if not more. You remember how good it was, how perfectly the person sucked and licked getting your cock so aroused that you wanted that feeling to last all day. All that sucking and stroking taking you to the edge with their intense cock sucking skills makes you want to cum.


Blow Job Time